photo of F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer thumb
photo of F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer thumb
photo of F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer thumb
photo of F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer thumb
photo of F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer thumb

F7700/F3700 Highest precision UV inkjet flat-bed printer

JHF F7700/F3700 -- A new generation of high precision, high speed flatbed UV printer. By taking advantage of the latest industrial 3pl nozzle printhead, the JHF F7700/F3700 can reach speed up to 105 square meters/hour and printing resolution of 1800dpi. With the application of intelligent on-demand printing control system, contactless transmission, and other new technologies, JHF F7700/F3700 helps you explore new market opportunity with unrivaled competitiveness. 

JHF F7700/F3700 is an industrial wide-format flat-bed UV inkjet printer, designed for high quality wide format printing, widely applied to various sheet medium.
Meanwhile, UV ink has no VOC and is environment -friendly .
JHF F7700/F3700 is dedicated to achieve high accuracy, high stability, and high cost-efficiency.

JHF F7700/F3700 is equiped with the leading two-sided printing system, intelligent control functions on demand, high-efficiency reciprocating printing. it presents your eye catching achivements at indoor, outdoor, decoration, sign and display, and POP & POS application.

◆ By taking advantage of 600dpi physical resolution, high speed industrial printhead
     make sure printing output more outstanding with 1800dpi printing resolution.
◆ By use of high precision,mute linear guide rail, you will enjoy the quiet and
     wonderful printing process.
◆ 6 independent controlled vacuum areas, make sure the suction power strength,
     and switch suction areas freely according to printing size, reduce energy
◆The double direction movement adopts high-precision metal raster, high-performance
    AC motor with high-precision close-loop control technology, which ensure
    stepping precision perfectly.
◆Double switch induction anti-collision technology makes the protection of both machine
    and operation.
◆High precision electric negative pressure system reduces the compressed air
    consumption more than 90% to inhance the air compressor’s life effectively.
◆Introduction of industrial PLC control module guarantee stepping movement stabily.
◆High precision automatic lifting systems ensures a uniform print quality, and avoids
    manual operation mistakes.
◆The solution of top quality towline reduces the motor cable fault to none.
◆The world's premium UV lamp curing solution makes UV curing perfect and completely.
◆Adopting advanced and patented energy-saving Y-direction synchronization technology
    ensure Y-direction movement accuracy and energy-saving.
◆Special control technology of second ink tank avoids the ink leakage after sudden


Print head type:Kyocera (6+1)
Print Mode:
High speed mode      600×900dpi          95/105m2/h
Production mode       600×1200dpi        70/80m2/h
Fine mode                 600×1800dpi         50/60m2/h
Photograph mode     1200×1200dpi       40/50m2/h
Print Size:3000mm*2000mm/1200mm*2400mm
Media thickness:≤120mm
Space Front-Right≥1500mm   Left-Right≥1000mm 
Height:≥2800mm                  Media weight:≤35kg/m2
Temperature:18-28℃           Humidity:40%-80%
Noise:≤75db                         Power:25KW
Altitude:≤2000m                   Voltage:30A/380V,3-phase
Air pump pressure output:4.5-8.0kg/cm2
Air Volume:≥0.1m3/min
Size bared machine:L4500*W4310*H1600/L2800*W4800*H1600(mm)