photo of F3700 New generation of UV flatbed printer thumb
photo of F3700 New generation of UV flatbed printer thumb
photo of F3700 New generation of UV flatbed printer thumb
photo of F3700 New generation of UV flatbed printer thumb

F3700 New generation of UV flatbed printer

 JHF F3700 is an industrial flat-bed UV inkjet printer, designed for high quality format printing, widely applied to various sheet media.
Meanwhile, UV ink has no VOC and is environment -friendly .
JHF F3700 is dedicated to achieve high accuracy, high stability, and high cost-efficiency.
JHF F3700 is equiped with the leading two-sided printing system, intelligent control functions on demand, high-efficiency reciprocating printing. it presents your eye catching achivements at indoor, outdoor, decoration, sign and display, and POP & POS application.

◆ Industrial PLC, touchscreen integrated control, makes your operation easier and simple.
◆ 600dpi physical resolution & high speed industrial-grade variable drops.  printhead, up to 1800dpi of resolution.
◆ Dual switch sensor anti-collision system, offering maximum protection.
◆ Use of high precision soundless linear guide rails  make the printing process quieter.
◆ High quality life-free maintenance magnetic suspension linear. Motor allowing printhead to maximize its effectiveness.

◆ Use of  industrial grade  towline solution eliminates  motion cable failure.

◆ X-axis uses high-precision metal encoder  and high-performance linear motor,  closed-loop high-precision control technology. Y-axis uses double linear motor plus
   high precision metal scale, double closed-loop high-precision control all working to make the movement more stable and stepping more precisely.
◆ Two zone independently control variable vacuum system, gives constant vacuum  pressure on various types printing material.
◆ High precision negative pressure system makes ink supply more stable and printing more smooth.
◆ Use of industrial-grade PLC control module allows for stable control of the machine in  every aspect.
◆ Automatic height adjustment feature ensures a consistent print quality
◆ World class UV curing system- cures entire image perfectly.
◆ Unique secondary ink tank control technology to ensure that there is no leakage of ink during sudden power disruptions.  

 Print head type:Kyocera 6+2
Print Mode:
High speed mode      300×1800dpi        105m2/h
Production mode       600×1200dpi         80m2/h

Fine mode                 600×1800dpi         60m2/h
Photograph mode     1200×1200dpi        50m2/h
Print Size:1220mm*2440mm
Ink:C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm, W,V
Materials: foam board, acrylic, aluminum sheet, glass, wood, etc;
Media thickness:≤60mm
Space Front-Right≥1500mm     Left-Right≥1000mm 
Height:≥2800mm                    Media weight:≤35kg/m2
Temperature:18-28℃              Humidity:40%-80%
Noise:≤75db                            Power:18KW
Altitude:≤2000m                      Voltage:30A/380V,3-phase
Size bared machine:L2210*W4810*H1500(mm)